Thursday, October 28, 2010

Indications Are All Up

Early Wednesday
This morning Boreal seems to be pullin' the Rabbit out of Their Hat. @borealmtn tweets: "Snowmaking Top-to-Bottom" I looked in at 9AM...everything I could view on the webcam was running.

I looked in again and they'd shut down by 10AM. A quick look at the Snow Lab's PWS told the story. Temps shoot upward with the sunrise.

Looking again, there's a BR350 in the picture. Nice to see groomer track marks on the hill again too!

This is almost an action shot...webcams make a game of viewing the goings on. Today it passes the time until the first pitch of the World Series...tonight's real game!

Up All Over
I see some other resorts can't resist gettin' in on the snowmaking boom...

@NorthstarTahoe checked in via Twitter with a picture.

@diamondpeak 's Marketing department chimed in with their snowmaking update too.

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