Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weird Weather Wednesday

I was up and at 'em early this morning. Yesterday I dispatched the last bit of old irrigation stuff that's in the way of my Ancestral Diggins I planned to get an early start and have the lion's share of the heavy lifting done by the time the Sun burned through the marine layer's low overcast and heated things up.

I ground the beans and started the coffee and trundled out to retrieve the newspaper from the driveway...where I was greeted by drizzle! I could see actual raindrop prints on the driveway. It was almost chilly...and the breeze, perfect to give a wind-chill to the proceedings. I demurred...

I grabbed another cup of French Roast, and set about the internet. The AFDs from Reno and SFO/Monterey cited the entrenched Upper Level Trough with it's approaching Short Wave that'll keep things cool until the weekend. SFO/Monterey said the marine layer in up to 2500ft deep.

I killed the pot of coffee and headed out to dig. I wore long wasn't exactly cold, but the long sweats worked for me. I dug and put together some of the PVC plumbing. I ran out of plumbing I watered instead.

The Sun made an appearance...for a minute or two. All across my world temps were down. Sacramento topped out at 77F, well below the average for the day of 93F

Cold was the word of the day. South America enduring record cold, the Atlantic Hurricane Nursery cold, cold, cold, cold.

Well, fire danger wanes when it's cold. They say it's going to warm up for the weekend. These are supposed to be the Dog Days of Summer...jeez, I hope it warms up for the Reno National Championship Air Races in Mid-September!

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