Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CorduroyPlanet's Days Off

Here it is already. It's Sunday night August 9th, 2010. Exactly one year has passed since I wrote the first post here. Much to my surprise, this post is the 268th installment of CorduroyPlanet.

Traditionally, these anniversaries are a time of reflection and stock taking...what did I do right, where did I miss...where do I go from here, etc...

That's not what I'm thinking about tonight.

I'm sort of amazed looking back...I can count on one hand the number of times in the past year that I had to cast about to find something to write about. I live a simple life really, work, sleep, family, fun and games, fishing, politics...nothin' special, just work-a-day Dave.

Every one of the 268 times that I've written here, I've resisted writing about the political bees in my bonnet...after all, the internet is filthy with pundits of all stripes, and even I tire of the din easily.

All this started over a three week period one year ago. Here's how it played out. KirkVallus invited me to join Facebook a couple of days after I began CorduroyPlanet. I joined up, followed Facebook's Yellow Brick Road, and heard from lost friends and past employees, colleagues, and acquaintances.

Cap'nDan was the first to post on my wall:

"A blog AND Facebook???? Wow, you're getting a hi-tech!!! Welcome aboard the greatest time suckage known to man."

Cap'nDan's post was dated Sept 2nd, 2009. Cap'nDan is another groomin' human who learned the trade on my mountain. Always good energy, Cap'nDan was a pleasure to work with. He's back East these days, no longer in snow country.

I guess the thing that surprised me the most is how instructive writing daily can be. I wrote more about my day to day than I wrote about grooming, though I did get a good start on "Grooming 101"

I had a few epiphanies along the way, and writing does make one do research...I've expanded my working knowledge of climate systems, space weather, and local forecasting. Extra handy is the Blogger Software that makes keeping track of these posts simple, and going back for review easy.

Oh, and thanks to CorduroyPlanet, now I know what a “Baggy Trough” is.

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