Friday, August 27, 2010

Hurricane Season Blows Up?

This morning I was multitasking in the sack...internet, radio, newspaper ads, and I had the Local TV News on. I wanted some up to the minute news on Mt Diablo's Curry Fire.

The local Newsers didn't have much of anything new on the fire. The fire behaved overnight, and it's mostly over...for sure there wasn't anything happening that would make dramatic video for the 5 O'clock News.

Almost absent-mindedly, I clicked the TV to FoxNews to see if any of Tuesday's close Primary Elections had been officially decided yet...specifically the Alaska Republican Senate Race between the incumbent from the Murkowski Family Dynasty,  and Tea-Party upstart Marine Corps Veteran, Joe Miller. This race is down to the Absentee Ballot Count, and they won't start counting them until Tuesday.Isn't that rush job for Alaskans!

While I was doing other things I heard the FoxNews Weather Gal say: "The Atlantic Hurricane Season Blew Up Today" What?

Blown Up? I looked at my Atlantic Tropical Weather Pages and "Blown Up" turns out to be pure hyperbole...One Cat 2 Hurricane and one Tropical Storm isn't a Blow-Up in my book.

Cat 2 Hurricane Danielle is in the Mid-Atlantic, may strengthen to Cat 3 before fading out in the cooler North Atlantic waters where it's headed now. It's still quiet in the Gulf of Mexico, too.

All things hurricane sent me to the CPC's 90 Day Climate Outlook to see how the deepening La Niña is coming along. I checked the Reno AFD too, and Red Flag Warnings are up again for the Reno-Tahoe Sierra Region. (I can feel the Monsoonal Moisture in the air this morning here in the Inland Valley.) The Reno NWS forecasters even had a Snow Level in the discussion...9000ft, after the cold front passes!

So, in the Dog Days of Summer we have a flurry of Big Picture Weather News. This will most likely percolate all week long as it's almost Hurricane Katrina's Fifth Anniversary. The TV Networks are all planning Katrina Week Coverage.

Katrina Week? I guess ratings are down...there's not a lot of Shark Attack News this Summer, either...what's a Network to do?

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