Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drive In Movie of My Dreams

What a fantasy! Here's some science guys' idea of a night out. Night is like three months long on Antarctica if memory serves.

This photo just flicks my switch! Oh, we have fireworks on New Year's Eve, but nothing so clever as Groom In Movies!

Of course we don't actually have time to watch a movie during the season.

I'd settle for a good show from the Aurora Borealis! The Sun seems to be stirring from it's long Solar Minimum slumber. It won't be until 2015 or so when the next Solar Maximum brings the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights in our lower latitudes.

The Greater Bay Area inferno continues for at least another day. Lots of heat-related news on Local TV News. BART and commuter trains are running behind due to heat-related equipment glitches. CalTrain running slower than usual to protect tracks. Computer heating issues force BART trans to run on manual, slowing trains system-wide. Relief comes to the Coast today, inland tomorrow.

Curiously, this is the first Heat Wave Story covered by the local TV News outlets that hasn't emphasized the "Global Warming Connection" in a couple of years. I wonder if the AGW True Believers are beginning to see the handwriting on the wall?

Wednesday Afternoon Mop-Up
It looks like CalFire has made quick work of the Curry Fire. At 6PM Wednesday, TV News had the fire 90+% contained. Mop-Up inside the fire lines will continue. No structures were lost, and much cooler weather is forecast for the weekend.

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