Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baseball Blues

I'm a little verklempt tonight. My SF Giants got clobbered again tonight. Clobbered with two outs to be exact...ouch!

I did some more irrigation plumbing this morning, and I returned some stuff that wouldn't work for my application to HomeDepot.

I had lunch at Casper's Hot Dogs, the Bay Area's treasure. Casper's dogs are especially good in the summertime because the tomatoes taste like tomatoes!

So, I got plumbing, errands and lunch all taken care of in plenty of time to settle in to watch the Giants' game from Philadelphia a 4PM.

I made a new recipe while I watched the Giants take the early lead. "Chopped Italian Salad"

I found the recipe in the Local Weekly a few weeks ago. Today I made it a second time, this time I layered the ingredients instead of tossing them. I didn't bother to make the vinaigrette, because we've been loving Trader Joe's Tuscan Italian Salad Dressing around here this season.

After the game, I spent an hour and a half doing some computer maintenance before I got hungry enough to put together a plate for dinner...I microwaved the last leftover Eggplant Parmigiano, and served the Chopped Italian Salad on the side. Delicious with a Gordon Biersch Czech Style Pilsner to "wash it down".

After dinner I watched my twitter feed and surfed the news, while I listened to some radio podcasts from earlier today. Some Organizers from the Amgen Tour of California bicycle race were in the Tahoe Basin this week to scout roads and towns for the 2011 race. There are some stupendous roads around the Basin for bike racing, replete with stunning scenery that every self-respecting multi-day bicycle race need to make the TV Coverage interesting to non-cycle racing geek viewers.

We've had another bicycle tour a little South of the Basin for several years, the ultra marathon "Tour of the California Alps" More familiarly known as "The Death Ride". The 2010 event marks the 30th Anniversary of the tour.

This extreme bicycle ride traverses as many as five huge Sierra Nevada Passes in a single day! This year, there were 3500 riders, and 2417 completed all five passes...the most to date.

Another bicycle story was featured on the Reno News, Burning Man Bikes. We're just two weeks from Labor Day Weekend and the Burning Man Festival north of Reno, NV on the Playa of The Black Rock Desert.

The New Age Art and Camping Festival attracts lots of Art Bicycles and related Kinetic Sculptures. This funky Counter-Culture Campout has always appealed to me, but every year I see the Burners come through Truckee on their way home and the fine coating of pale white dust from the Playa that covers every square millimeter of their cars, trailers, RV's, Sculptures. etc, reminds me that maybe I'd rather look at some photos and YouTube Videos, and not add the Playa Patina to me and mine.

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