Friday, July 2, 2010

Flying Under the Radar

No wonder I've had a quiet week! My phone's been off for six days! I so rarely turn it off, that I never remember to turn it back on! The 3+ year old Motorola Razr V3m has been on since November, and I turned it off last Friday at the Miller Park Boat Ramp on Tomales Bay when the battery was too low. The phone repeatedly shrieks a warning when the battery gets ears can't take it...besides, there was no cell service there anyway.

I figured it out today when I got an e-mail from SturgeUrge's Dad, SteveO! Seems I missed Jerry Otto's Fish Camp! SteveO was trying to get in touch with SturgeUrge...fat lot of help I was...I replied with the name of the campground they're at, adding that Jerry said he had to go into town to get a cell signal...

So, without interruptions, I've been productive this week...and I had fresh dungeness crab every day until Wednesday!

I took in all the Giants' games, and watched the Tour de France Preview. It's going to be an epic three weeks of bicycle racing!

I resisted the urge to upgrade my iPod Touch (3rd Generation) to the new iOS 4's the same operating system as the new iPhone 4 uses, and it enables multitasking along with 100 other new features.

Back in February, I got stung when I upgraded to Apple's latest iTunes version, and thrashed daily using my crippled iPod until I found the path to return to the previous version that returned things back to May! I thought computers were supposed to simplify our lives! Computers were going to make us into a "Paperless Society" they said, too. I own three printers today, and my hand-me-down all in one does triple duty as a fax, scanner, and copier at the Ancestral Digs now.

I wasn't taking any chances this time around, so after working in the Diggins, and shopping at HomeDepot today, I went to Apple's iPod Touch Support Forum to reconnoiter. Sure enough, the new update was playing havoc with iPod Touches...even the latest Gen3 units. After the whiz-bang upgrade, battery life plummeted by half. 165 posts in just one of the discussion threads...everyone whining at Apple. Glad I missed it...multitasking can tech disaster averted...

Out back in the Ancestral Diggins, I've been making progress. I finished plumbing a new irrigation circuit, made up some soaker hoses, flushed the lines, and began installing the soakers in their raised beds.

My basil sprouted, and the last of the privet branches went into the green waste can. I mixed up 48 cubic feet of planting mix (1.77 cu yd). The gladiolus and tiger lilies are blooming, and Dad's roses are rallying after the Black Spot Siege.

Tomorrow, I turn the water off for an hour or two, and do some serious re-plumbing. I'll be digging more raised beds, and planting some squash and herbs. There's a geranium and a begonia to move, rhubarb to cut back, and sunflowers to sow.

That'll fill the morning...after a shower I have another tech battle to fight. My new HDMI Switch (the Replacement Unit) was defective out of the box, so I'll be "interfacing" with MonoPrice Support before they RMA it, I box it back up, and hit the UPS Store, again.

No rest for the wicked! Did you know that it snowed in New Hampshire Thursday? Mt Washington 6228 ft It didn't stick and turned to rain before any measurable accumulation.

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