Sunday, June 27, 2010


I slept in this morning. A long day pulling crab pots and chasing halibut on Tomales Bay really takes it out of you.

I thought I'd just do a little cleaning up around my world. Nothing too strenuous, mind you...

I retrieved my crab gear from the SurgeUrge Compound. I climbed into the boat to grab the second pot and I heard SturgeUrge's Ex call my name through the lush fig tree. She was there to pick up BonnieDog...they've been sharing BonnieDog since they split up a few years back. I hadn't talked to Ex in at least a year. We spent a few minutes catching up, and she seemed interested in this blog. I gave her a TruckeeDave business card so she didn't have to remember CorduroyPlanet's address. Returning to the Ancestral Digs, I washed the crab gear and the bait cooler, and they're drip-drying out back in the Diggins.

Last night, while SturgeUrge was cleaning our crab after dinner, I tore into his home PC which bedly needed some tidying-up. I dumped his temporary files (all 3500 of 'em), updated and ran AdAware, downloaded Spybot Search and Destroy, updated and ran it, and made a mental note of stuff to investigate before I sit down to his computer, download Revo Uninstaller, install it, and do a thorough cleanup.

In an hour or so, the sun will be off the last pile of privet trimmings, and I'll chop them down to size and put the bits into the green recycling container.

In the Ancestral Diggins, my arugula seed sprouted...I'm still waiting on the basil seed to sprout...

After Sunday's Formula One, the European Grand Prix, and a quick run to the farmer's market for some vine-ripe tomatoes, I'll turn off the water and do some re-plumbing for the 21st Century Irrigation Project.

I plan to savor these chores...for their restorative value, don'tcha know! I am a cockeyed optimist, no doubt about it!

I spent some time poking around @CorduroyPlanet's Twitter Feed. @PistenBullyUSA linked to a story about their Beach Tech machines going to the Gulf Region to help clean up oil from the beaches.

I still think the best strategy is to keep the oil off the beaches and out of the wetlands and salt marshes in the first place! I guess that the Feds are still not accepting help from foreign countries. Pity that we can't enlist the Dutch...they know a thing or two about keeping the sea out of their country, much of which is below sea level...they have a huge fleet of skimming vessels and support vessels to deal with North Sea spills.

I see Boreal is going to turn it's Castle Peak Quad Chair the weekend of July 10th and 11th! In past years, My Mountain has turned one lift on the Fourth of July...not to sell tickets to the public, but to entertain our stockholders!

With all these pesky Baggy Troughs hanging around well into Summertime, I wonder if there will be a High Sierra lift turning in August...I wonder...

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