Sunday, June 13, 2010

Winding Down

My weekend is almost here...I'm up way past bedtime...not by the clock, the BodyClock...I've enjoyed a great week. Today was another great day. I made progress on the Ancestral Diggins. No, nothing's been planted yet, but progress has been made on the irrigation system, and I made quick work of removing a tree stump from the middle of the Diggins.

Quick work needs clarifying...I didn't exactly remove the stump...I set the table for Mother Nature to remove said stump, using the Amish Method...wherein you drill as many holes as fit in the stump, fill the holes with high nitrogen fertilizer, cover the holes with dirt and add water. Mother Nature does the rest.

Tomorrow it's supposed to reach 96F here in the Inland Valley. It was damn hot today to be sure. I did some extra watering to keep up with the thermometer. After I drilled the stump, I made sure to blow out the sawdust from the holes with a garden hose. Happily. I ended up wet from my shoulders down!

Even with squishy shoes, I was glad to greet my little sister who came to visit the Ancestral Digs today. Little Sister is another cockeyed optimist, just like me. She brought a DVD of the new Star Trek Prequel, which we watched after dinner. We prattled on about the schism between Star Trek and Star Wars Geeks and the sub-sets of each sect.

We discussed the Canon of Star Trek, and I cited the Star Wars analogues. I was impressed by the Star Trek Prequel. The creators walked the difficult tightrope in fine style. Not an easy task. Little Sister and I are in opposite camps in the Star Trek vs Star Wars Universe, but we see eye to eye when it comes to great storytelling. This new Star Trek Prequel deserves all the accolades heaped upon it. I enjoyed it as much as Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Both are archetypal fables that define the times we live in. These entertainments are ever so much more than the Movie of the Week...they define the issues of our times more than the vision of their creators ever aspired to. Such is the power of history in the making...

Beam me up Chewy...may the Force be with you!

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