Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fired Up!

It began when I was flashing through the San Francisco Chronicle's Home Page and I glimpsed this headline: "Fire season of to a late start"[sic]

I won't go off on another MSM/Train Wreck Rant...but that is their punctuation and capitalization as it appeared on their webpage...enough said...

It's another cooler than usual spring day here in the Inland Valley.I spent most of the day running various errands, and helping KirkVallus chase down some confused electrons below decks on the FV SturgeUrge.

After at least nine hard seasons fishing on the briney deep, the SturgeUrge's Freshwater wiring was giving in to corrosion and fatigue. KirkVallus made quick work of the tail lights and turn indicators on the Tow Rig, and the boat trailer. He's got both bait pumps working again, the fish finder working again, and even the horn. Only the bilge pump didn't make the trip...the Big Brown Truck will deliver a new bilge pump next week.

Test drive/halibut fishing trip is scheduled for permitting...*sigh*

I took a look at the AFD from the Reno NWS Forecast Office. I got a chuckle from their use of "a baggy trough" to describe one of many more troughs (read cold fronts) forecast to swing through the High Sierra next week. They aren't supposed to bring any rain, but the temps will continue to be on the cool side. Good news on the wildfire front...not such good news on the heirloom tomato front...or eggplant, chili pepper, okra, sweet corn, and melon fronts either.

The Reno AFD mentioned Afternoon Zephyr Winds for the next week...those are known as Delta Winds down here...I'm looking at a cool start for the Ancestral Diggins.

This could be one of those Good News/Bad News deals...So there may be Fried Green Tomatoes on the menu come harvest time, but we won't be watching Wildfires consume the forest while we consume our best Worst Case Harvest.

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