Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Did I Just Hear?

I'm busy downloading my latest photos to the computer and renumbering them. The 6 O'clock news is on, but I'm not attention is on the photo files, and my renumbering scheme. I'm typing away, Columbus-Style, and I thought I heard a Weather Teaser say showers Thursday and Friday!?

My chest tightened as I raced to click on the Reno AFD. Not much there.

I clicked on the SFO/Monterey AFD...they say:
"Thursday and Friday remain tricky as the models are having a difficult time with the Southern extent of rain"

What a relief! That's a lot of hype for a couple of ratings points!

Hey Media-Types! There's plenty of weather-weary people out there with raw nerves when it comes to continued cold wet weather, and you are exploiting their sensitivities without grace! Shame on you!

Whew! Sorry to be such a Scold!

OK, I'm better now.

Monday was Memorial Day. It was warm and felt like Summer.

Tuesday the clouds scudded in, and the afternoon was 15F cooler than Monday. I picked up some groceries and cut up the Privet branches and got the pieces into the Garden Recycling Bin. Wednesday's Garbage Day here in the Inland Valley.

I made my first beach ball impression with the new CorduroyPlanet Linoleum Block pictured in progress above. All in all it was a nice weekend.

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