Friday, June 4, 2010

Hanging On

Boy, I'm tired today. I'm sleeping on time, full nights, at night. I haven't looked back since the BodyClock War. I did stay up kinda late last night. Fortunately, no soothing rain on the roof noise here at the Ancestral Digs! Feeling tired and lazy, I kept it low key, and left the garden to the gardeners today.

The latest wave of weather missed us for the most part, but my far-flung family and friends weren't so lucky...and I heard from most of them!

It started early, at 07:34 KirkVallus posted on Facebook: "The Weather Guessers say 1-2 inches of rain today!" An hour later he said they upped the ante to 3-4 inches, and that the rain was beating up his spring flowers.

At noon, I looked at the Noon News from San Francisco and Sacramento, both were able to show rain on video and radar. Precip was widely scattered, and the Sun came and went all day here at the Digs. This system is a dry cold front from the Gulf of Alaska with an entrained Tropical Moisture Tap coming all the way from the Philippines, providing the juice. Even though we didn't get any real rain to speak of here, we did feel the humidity as if we were in the Tropics!

Wednesday evening, SisterSweetly phoned. The rain was hammering her place in Humboldt County. She was sounding pretty tired of the rain.

About bed time, KirkVallus and I were back on Facebook...we chatted for a few minutes before he picked up the phone and called. We griped about the weather and the general state of the Universe and caught up for a half an hour or so before calling it a night.

I spent some time today looking for webcams near SisterSweetly's place, and looking at my usual cams to see where the rain was falling. It looked pretty darn nice in Cabo San Lucas, but it was gray and cloudy at LAX!

Tonight I looked at the whole roundup of AFDs. The "Weather Guessers" can't see beyond this system either. So, we're all fixated on this never-ending Rainy Season...At least I'm not the only weary one.

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  1. Go to Unisys or GOES West and put the high infrared on a loop for the Pacific. I use to could get some really cool weather sats when I lived in Santa Cruz...out of Monterey? Can't recollect the site.

    Heard a sleeze ball country western song on the only radio in the JODA valley...He liked it when it rains cuz it grows the corn that he makes his likker from and so on.

    What planet do I live on?

    It's raining and the wildflowers and rolling mountain valleys are drinking it all up!

    My guess that it's a straight head on for Oregon till the next of week.

    MMMM Baja..