Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Is Trouble

Wednesday Night 8:28PM

I'm back up the hill, layin' in bed, in the DaveCave...eyes are wide open...still...

Damn, I did everything right this weekend...especially last night! I fought to keep the peepers open...I made it 'till 3AM, and dutifully answered the alarm clock at 0558! Out of the sack at 0800, I filed the taxes, printed Wednesday's blog for my Mom, and the blog where I mentioned my friend Dave's passing. Throw in a trip to the Post Office, and a Doctor visit, before driving across the Big Valley and up the hill, I was sure I had the right recipe for a solid 4-5 hour snooze...FAIL!

The trip was largely uneventful, the scenery the best of the season to date, and I even ran into a nice snow squall crossing the Summit! My return trip was drama-free compared to my downhill journey!

That's all folks! I gotta try to get a few winks before midnight! Drama? I've got your drama right heeeer!

I'll finish up in the AM...g'night!

Thursday 9:54AM

A few winks wasn't enough! I suffered for my damn art all night!

It could have been way worse though...the snow was excellent! Still dry and squeaky...just like I like it.

Skiers and riders like it too...we've been averaging around a thousand guests daily this week! Thanks El Niño for a lingering shot of Winter Snow !

Good Night!

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