Thursday, March 25, 2010

Too Excited

Damn, I'm up way past Bedtime again! I'm such a kid!

I enjoyed a productive weekend...I bagged my trip to the Ancestral Digs in lieu of getting after some oft-postponed chores around the DaveCave...besides, with all my new aches and pains, I didn't want to give my Mom anything new to worry about! Getting in touch with my inner sloth, I put off my Re-provisioning trip to Reno, to spend more time on the DaveCave...

Now I'm all excited because today's weather forecasts are promising some snow tonight! The Sun barely came out over the High Sierra today, and temperatures were colder than they've been all week...not to mention, I don't want to revisit the hellish night that ended my week! My knee and hip aren't bothering me now, so I'm filled with enthusiasm, and a new sense of purpose going into this week.

In reality, I'm hanging my hat on the vague promise of one or two inches of possible snow...but that'll be more than enough to pump me up for the week! A week and a half out, I'm still longing for the squeaky snow of Mid-Winter...not yet ready to settle for the slow, boring grind of spring, when we graveyard groomers earn every last penny of our paychecks.

Holed up at the DaveCave, I did the major recycling effort...and resolved some of my ongoing tech issues, cleanedup the DaveCave, and wrote some letters to post. I measured and drew up some plans to update the Galley and Pantry areas here in the DaveCave, cruised craigslist for some materials to aid in the construction of said updates, and even caught up with my Landlord, my sister, and several other friends across my world.

This afternoon, I made pizza and baked up a new recipe for "Bacon-Peanut Butter Cookies"...just how decadent are Bacon-Peanut Butter Cookies? I'll have to let you know the next time I make them. I followed the recipe...and found it's errors...the cookies turned out to be leather not cookies. I've refashioned the recipe and made adjustments, so next time we'll get cookies to evaluate...oh, the leather tastes great, so chewy cookies should be to die for!

I wrote an impassioned blog on the new health care law, and lamented on the loss of my newest friend, who passed away from Hospital Pneumonia after he fell and broke his hip a few weeks ago. I watched President Obama sign his Healthcare Takeover Bill while I was on the phone getting the news of my friend's passing, and I caught up on my TiVo with Formula One racing, IndyCar racing, and even managed my Fantasy Bicycle Racing Team.

Major League Baseball's Spring Training is in full swing now...damn, I love the Great American Pastime...In early spring...every team is going to the World Series!

So many little time for weekend turned out to be bittersweet...but paradoxically restorative. In a couple of weeks, SturgeUrge and I can go Salmon Fishing...for the first time in three seasons...all the Hard Pack/Spring-Like Boilerplate will fade into memory, where it's easily forgotten, until next Spring...


  1. Access to good health care should be a given to any one who lives in the U.S.A. I gladly pay my measley pittance of Medicare and Social Security tax every paycheck, knowing full well that I may never receive any of the benefits. I view it as a way to honor the elder Americans (oh oh, is that me?)who helped to shape, protect and create this wonderful country that we live in.

    Preventative medicine is good. It's cost effective. It is a fundamental block in building a productive society.

    Isn't that what we all want?

  2. We have access, access isn't the problem...skyrocketing cost is.

    Anyone who walks (or is rolled) into an emergency room gets's the don't have to be a Citizen or even here legally.

    Granted America has the World's most expensive medical care, but we've got the best, most modern too. MRI machines cost what? A Million or so dollars? Going to the hospital is like visiting NASA's Mission Control! Have you seen the new Surgical Robots? Yikes!

    In a true Free Market, the preventative care would be nearly free...a loss leader to get you into the Doctor's office...think of the free break inspections offered by Tire&Brake Shops, Sears, Pep Boys, etc.

  3. Wait just a sec here! Anyone who walks into an ER does get treated at a cost of thousands of dollars more than what they would get treated for if they had an appointment with their GP.

    Oh yeah, GP's don't have to accept people who don't have insurance and can't afford the visit or the accompanying medication that goes with it! So, they go to the ER.

    Overburdening the system and creating financial havoc for the hospital has led to the demise of local hospitals. Especially those that are located in impoverish neighborhoods. Or, the ER from Alta Bates dumps the non-insured, can't afford it soul in some place like Herrich (oh yeah that hospital doesn't exist any longer) or San Pablo (ditto) or Highland.

    So access to health care, not emergency care, is an issue. The predjudice against the poor receiving health care has existed way before the creation of HMO's.

    We are so tired of the negativity of conservatives in the name of the Constitution. The fear mongering, the financial corruption, the forgiveness of colleagues that led corporations into ruins, the erosion of rights and lanted, biased presentation of the facts!

    Game on!