Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Night In Hell

After my most enjoyable Friday night shift, I didn't in my wildest dreams believe Saturday Night would be the Polar Opposite.

Whatever did I do to deserve a night like last night? Karma Chameleon? Karma Godzilla is more like it!

I pulled into the parking lot at the usual time, and was greeted with a warm west wind as I walked up to the Shop. Swing shift had a decent major troubles...their half of the Work Orders was finished without undo drama.

Shift change flew by and I was back in my favorite BR350, and heading into the night, with time to spare, with welcome anticipation of another good night, pumping me up.

Gone was the Groomer-Friendly "Raised Glaze Piste" of Friday's fun it's place, remorseless progress seemed interminably it was for everyone else, too.

A couple hours in, my attention was zeroing in on a pain in my knee that I woke up with Friday...only now it was starting to really dominate my world. This is the leg I so enjoyed swinging out the door of my cat Saturday morning on my Lunch Break, while viewing my crew from on high as the rising sun painted the sky overhead. Now, my hip joint was joining the chorus of discomfort, too.

The Boilerplate wasn't helping...I couldn't find a comfortable position in the New Recaro Throne...I took all my breaks in two hours...nothing was helping, and our progress was glacially slow.

I stopped twice as often as usual...I tried to "walk it off" no avail. In the end I just" toughed it out" Time morphed into Salvador Dali painting

Mercifully, nothing blew up in our faces, and we were off the Hill early. Thank God I've got a three day weekend to rest and recover!

Rather than worry my Mom, I've decided to stay in Truckee for the weekend...more tech housekeeping to do...not to mention real housekeeping!

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