Friday, January 22, 2010

Tapout When Tapped Out

What a night it was. We just flat out got beaten. Mother nature had her way with us...plain and simple. Back at the fuel dock, at the end of the shift, there were no shouts of joy, no whoopin' it up, just groans and "expletive-deleted" versions of "let me up, I've had enough" Tough way to end a day.

We're reporting 20"-24" of snowfall for the 24 Hour period, but I found three feet easy on the Bunny Hill. Deep and Dry at the bottom of the mountain, it signaled a long, slow first grinder of the Five Foot Storm hurt.

I found a little salvation on my drive home. Thanks to CalTrans, I actually saw a little pavement on I-80 with my sunglasses on! Just a brief break in the train of systems that's been blowing through this week. On my way home, I wore my goofy smile to the Post Office and Grocery Store.

Props to my Landlord! When I got home, the driveway was totally detailed! Not a cubic inch of snow to deal with. I made breakfast and collapsed into bed before noon. I kept my eyes open long enough to see the beginning of the Noon News, and woke up just after 8PM.

I logged the whole night's sleep, but I feel the fatigue. Just one tough night after a string of good nights, and that Ol' Devil Fatigue worms it's way into your bones. When I feel this intrusion, I know to reach into my bag of tricks and start husbanding my energy so I can be nearer to the top of my game for the duration...I get out of bed early, make dinner early, and get some shoveling done early...without having to hurry or look at my watch...lessen the load a little. It's like making a deposit in the bank. I make a little extra time, so I can linger over the second cup of coffee during shift change.

I have three nights to go this week, then I get a three day weekend...after one night off last week, I'm gonna really need it! I think I can squeeze in a quick trip down to the Ancestral Digs...there's a brief weather window Sunday/Monday so travel won't be a struggle. Another little system for Monday/Tuesday and clear sailing back uphill Wednesday. So, that's my, anyway.

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