Saturday, December 26, 2009

Makin' Corduroy

We had another good night. Everything ran fine, we rebuilt a bunch of trouble spots, and opened some new passes with ManMade snow. We opened the last two of our lifts in anticipation of epic crowds for the Holiday Week.

Another storm front is wandering around nearby, so there was wispy cloud cover obscuring the Milky Way. Temperatures were up overnight, but still decent snowmaking conditions prevailed. The darn TV Weatherman in Sacramento, said there's a chance of snow every night this whole week! Doesn't he know that we're in a New Grooming Machine Sweepstakes?! We need lots of skier visits...through the whole week!

The Real Weatherman, at the Reno NWS Office, says: we might get 2-5 inches overnight tonight, and maybe some light snow flurries in the middle of the week...not a word about every day this week! I hope the TV Guy's exuberance doesn't keep the folks at home and off my Mountain! (OK, in the Local Forecast the NWS does say slight chance, but the Reno AFD doesn't quibble with trifles!)

I've got a couple more nights to go in my six-day week...there's some issues with some of my tractors that need addressing, but because these are Stereo Problems, they fall pretty low on the hierarchy of the Vehicle Maintenance Crew...They don't spend ten hours a night in their machines! I think the stereos got reinstalled, without the antennas getting plugged in! D'oh!

Now that the daytime temps are up into the thirties, the pack is getting firmer every day. We already miss the frigid temps that dried the pack for the days after the last snowfall. Once the pack gets firm, the stereos wont play CDs without skipping, so radio is all we've got! Thankfully, the FM Transmitters for iPods reach the stereos from three feet away!

I'll get to work 15 minutes early tonight, and pull the headliner of my cat and see if my diagnosis is accurate. Sunday mornings are when I tune in NPR for my weekly dose of liberal pop-culture...I can't miss it!

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