Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Spirit

I watched for Santa...all night. He's sneaky that one! I didn't see the slightest glimmer of Rudolph's Nose, even with crystal clear skies. The Milky Way shone like a Christmas Garland on an Infinite Christmas Tree.

We had a quiet and pleasant shift. The cold air hanging in the area since the last pulse of weather has made the grooming go faster each night, as the frigid regime seems to "dry" the pack a little each day. I got to open some new terrain after sunrise, and the fleet ran sweetly without incident.

Today the whole fleet was running great at the end of our night, and all the cats were parked together around the power pole that runs the onboard heating systems while the groomers are shut down. After I shoveled off my trusty steed, and did a walk around to check for problems, I looked at the fleet and broke into a beaming smile, shouting to the Guys: "Look at this Fleet!" "Is this the best fleet we've ever had?"

I realized that Santa had been here, it just took a brilliant Christmas Morning among the Tractors to see his work. It looked like this: Two BR350's, two Bisons (One with the X Package) and two Sherpa Winches (Sherpas are BR350s w/ the Tower Winch), and one Ferrari Red Park Bully!

Christmas Eve we did 2400 visits, but today should be a Ghost Town. However, tomorrow we should see 5000-6000 happy guests. Sunday too...the Weatherman keeps downsizing the next little system...I think it's been downgraded to a kerfuffle now...

Man O Man! We are looking so good in the New Snowcat Sweepstakes! There's talk about running one less shift when we add another BR350/BisonX...I reminded the excited bigwigs that "all that magic goes out the window when a foot or more falls"...
Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I'm rootin' for the Home Team! Go Guys, Go!

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