Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dang! Sidelined

Oh Crap! I was supposed to be grinding around my Mountain tonight, instead of hackin' away at this keyboard! Unexpected dramas have postponed my annual Fall Migration back up to the High Sierra. Jeez, the webcams are showing what looks like just the beginning of the protracted battle shaping up...and the 1AM replay of the 11O'clock News just touted "Maybe up to FIVE FEET of snow" Man I wanted to be in the game tonight!

No worries...I'm thinking this winter will provide plenty of epic battles with Mother Nature's pure wind driven champagne powder! Plenty of Winter Storm Warnings to go around!

So a little Sucker Hole wended it's way up to Donner Summit...tomorrow, Saturday the Reno AFD promises epic snow accumulation...perhaps to cover the five foot boast from the TV Talking Heads!

I'm off to dreamland...

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