Thursday, November 19, 2009


I haven't heard back from the Boss yet. He isn't going to beat the Target Opening Date by a week, like he wanted to. No fault on his part, Mother Nature always has the last word on Opening Dates. I did hear from the Chief, my Boss' Boss. My Mountain will open on the Target Opening Date, and not a minute earlier.

Like I said, Mother Nature always bats last. She's been having her way with the Weatherguys this week, messin' with their Models, teasing the Weather Teasers, and generally acting the Independent Free Spirit she is.

Last night's storm, named the "Table Setter" by the TV Weather Marketing Mavens, arrived on time, but at half the strength promised. A Bluebird Sunrise was nixed by the high humidity owing to acres and acres of bare moist ground with some telegenic white fluff on top of the duff, debris and ground cover. Chain Controls were up briefly, but not much of a mess by anyone's measure.

Hopes are pinned on the Friday into Saturday Storm. Resort Marketeers are Tweeting Feet! Expectations are high, and reality is getting pushed to the back of the stage, but the Weather Models run, and results are Discussed. This one is trending smaller from model run to model run. Winds are forecast to 105mph over the ridges, and the whole shebang will literally fly through. While the TV Guys are still saying 1-2 feet, the Forecasters only give Inches of Water Content in the Forecast Discussions, foregoing snowfall amounts so far.

Looking at the Webcams, I see fans blowing snow at 6PM Wednesday evening, they were spot on about the cold airmass behind this first system. The Reno NWS forecasters will run their suite of Computer Models three more times by the time the storm is expected to arrive. Time will tell if it hangs together and dumps some serious drifts, or if it blows through so fast that it's precipitation doesn't have chance to pile up. Wednesday night's 10PM Forecast says "7-8 hours of snowfall overnight Friday" Coming in with those high winds, it's hard to see it piling up very deeply...some may not even land in the same county where it falls!

I'll look in on it's progression via the Area Forecast Discussions, but I'm suiting up in my chef's apron for the rest of the week, Thanksgiving at the Ancestral Digs is at hand. If the weather interferes with that...well, that would be the Weather Story of the Year!

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