Sunday, November 15, 2009

El Niño Building

Well, isn't this an interesting development? NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory announced Friday that El Niño looks like it's gaining strength on it's way to a classic Christmas Debut.

I can never tell with NASA these it Science or more Climate Change Hype meant to help come Budget Time in Washington? Government has become America's only Growth Industry this year, so why wouldn't NASA want in on the HandOuttaPalooza? Follow the money goes the familiar saying...

For some detailed information, I went to the NWS' Climate Prediction Discussion to glean whatever they modeled for their October 15th 90 Day Product. Nothing too serious there...they're saying it's a toss-up between High/Normal/Low Temps and High/Normal/Low Precipitation for the Central California Area.

Man, they always say that when El Niño comes around.

As a taxpayer, I can only think: Whatta Jyp! These climate science guys want us to believe the sky is falling, that "Earth's got a Fever", and all that rot, and they can't back-model El Niño to figure which way it's effects are pointed this time around? Is this the 21st Century? Why on Earth do these charlatans have any credibility left at all? Remember the "Little Boy Who Cried Wolf"?

We get to see their cards on the table next Thursday November 19th, when the next 90 Day Climate Outlook is issued. Perhaps the CPC's models will have aligned this time out.

With our star seemingly on an extended Holiday, and the PDO shifting gears, there are many data points that aren't being modeled for in my estimation. Nobody on my radar is saying this El Niño is much more than moderate. Strengthening is a relative term...

Yikes! @SkiTahoeDonner just tweeted: "Friday and Saturday 6-12 inches at the lake and 18-24 inches above 7000ft. Looking like a good winter ahead of us." Where's that coming from? I wondered...Quickly, I checked Reno and Sacramento's AFD's Hmmm, no sign of feet next weekend there...perhaps they pay for a very Optimistic Weather Forecast Service!

My Mountain has a "Service" like that...I don't think much of it, all they do is get the Brass all riled up, only to disappoint when the impossible expectations aren't met.

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