Friday, October 23, 2009

Still Longing

How long will my malaise linger? I can't really concentrate today. It's kinda like Spring Fever...Fall Version. The warm temperature comforts me...lulls me into a soft warm place of daydreams...lazily wasting away the's kinda nice, and surely relaxing.

It won't last long however...I saw some Snowmaking Fans at the base of My Mountain on the webcam this morning. Then I checked the Remote Sensors and the Reno NWS Discussion...I guess they needed something to do for a couple of hours, because there's no Real Snowmaking Weather Window on the horizon.

Next, I took a cursory look around the 'Net and didn't find any "Early Winter" seems the latest round of Early Winter Syndrome has finally waned...good riddance. Winter will come when it's time. My sister and her husband are going camping in the Sierra Foothills this weekend...enjoying the warm Fall days...sweet!

Enough procrastinating...I've got a garage to's cozy warm out there too.

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