Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Rest of the Story

Malaise aside, I found today's Early Winter came to me by way of Twitter: "Cold Start to Fall Continues, 252 More Low Temperature Records Set in the USA This Week"

A closer look tells the real story as they say...looking at the map from the story, all those cold records are Back East...all the Orange Dots Out West are the records for High Minimum Temps! The Red Dots across the Southwest are all Record High Temps. No wonder I've been feeling like I'm doing Beach Time this week! Call it My Last Hurrah if you like, but I'm thinking Winter will get here sometime around the first week of December. We've opened the Mountain in December's First or Second Week for at least the past two years...if not three years.

Given the Cooling Trend in effect since the end of the 1997-1998 El Niño, it's interesting that the Mountain's Opener has been trending later. Could it be a fingerprint of the swing to the Cold Side of the PDO?

El Niños were around in 2004-2005, and again for 2006-2007. Perhaps the 2007-2008 La Niña somehow held things up too? I'll need to do a spreadsheet and plot this stuff so I can get some idea if there's any correlation with ENSO Events and OpeningDates. Oh Darn! My Install Disc is Up The Hill...I guess it'll have to wait. Ahhh...back to Daydream Beach...

Feeling a little guilty given the level of my sloth today, I scanned the Remote Sensors and saw a warming trend at Snowmaking tonight! It's Midnight, and the temps are hovering around 42F

On the 11 O'Clock News, Sacramento's TV Weatherman teased a "chance of rain next week" but nothing in the Discussions I've read said anything concrete about precipitation. Hmm...could be "Weather Center Boredom" setting in again...Uh-oh, clear across the Pacific, there's another we go again...Gentlemen, Start Your Marketing!

Craig Ferguson's just named the season "Flummer"

Flummer is starting to feel like a well-worn favorite Old T-Shirt...dare I say it...
perfect beachwear!

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