Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday in the Desert

Back On Top
I guess I've got to admit it to myself. I'm getting up there in years a little, though I doubt I'm "Old" I have plenty of "energy" so I multitask a little more than I should...(especially at your age, some wags would say-see comments)

After waking up in the DaveCave at 04:30, I've been after some little DaveCave chores all morning.

Sacramento's "Trainwreck News" reports: Temperature overnight in Truckee down 14F from Friday night. I slept like a baby...who am I kiddin', I always sleep like a baby, unless the house is in the 80's!

I just got the bright idea to break up my afternoon at Stead by slipping into Reno between the Silver and Gold Races to catch a screening of the new Tarantino flick, "Inglorious Basterds" A couple of hours out of the High Desert Sun wouldn't hurt either.

Well, the movie is two and a half hours long! Counting driving time and hiking to the fenceline time, only Superman could make it work. So my Fall-Back Position is: bring the camp chair, the full bottle of SPF30, and the transistor radio. I put new batteries in it last week. Add the Sunday Reno Gazette Journal and an ice chest with some cool beverages, and I've got it covered.

Happy at Home
Well, I got caught up in those DaveCave chores, and scratched the Silver Race...I made it out there for the Breitling Gold Race, and was well rewarded for the trouble!

A clean start by all eight aircraft, with two Mustangs out front. Strega and Voodoo looked to be running away from John Penney's Rare Bear, who allowed in the Post-Race Interview that the Bear was running a "Stock" powerplant! He promised that they'd be full of Unobtainium next September.

It was a good race, in good conditions. The wind had turned Northerly, and wasn't an issue. The three leaders were pushing the throttles forward as late as the fourth lap of eight! Strega turned her first lap at 507mph and change! Voodoo hung in, but pulled up and Mayday'd about Lap 5. Voodoo made it back to the field safely. Strega backed off after Voodoo stopped fillin' her mirrors, and the Bear didn't seem willing or able to chase Strega down. Sherman Smoot's Yak 11, Czechmate went faster than last year to take fourth. Another Mayday was called by the Rare Bear after the checkered flag, and Mr Mayday, John Penney retrieved the Bear, no problem. Official Timing had the race at 491.882MPH!

As I wended my way back out to HWY 395, I listened to the Post Race Interviews. Strega's Owner and ex-pilot Tiger Destefani was gushing over the performance of his new World Champion Pilot Steven Hinton. Stevo is the 22 year old son of Reno Legend Steve Hinton who flies the Pace Plane since Bob Hoover's retirement. Dad's also a Two Time Reno Unlimited Champion! They're the first Father&Son Unlimited Champions at Reno.

It was a great weekend at the races, even with the changes. I saw that Fall Light in the sky, though I couldn't be sure until Sunday when the wind wasn't whipping up the dust. Fall begins Tuesday Afternoon. I best get after it.

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  1. Voodoo! Voodoo! Voodoo! It doesn't get any better than this.