Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Morning!

The Sun Awakens
What's this? Sunspots visible on the Earth-Facing side of the Sun? Not one, but two Earth-Size Sunspots are visible today. The Solar Community is abuzz...Is the Solar Minimum over? Is this the true start of Cycle 24? There are two spots visible for the first time in more than a year. Two sunspots don't officially end the deepest Solar Minimum in a Century, but thankfully Sun Watchers are no longer bored to tears. I really want a decent Solar Telescope.

I know it doesn't have a thing to do with the heat in the Ancestral Digs tonight...still it's keeping me up later than I want owing to the physical work I've scheduled for the morning. Finally I'll finish the driveway rehab. SturgeUrge will be happy, he's got a long punchlist for me to work through!

This morning was sweltering by 10AM, dry heat thankfully, but baking hot after some cool Sierra nights over my weekend. I waited for the Sun to get low in the West before finishing the driveway prep. In nylon shorts with no shirt, I couldn't overspray enough water on myself to cool off...thank God that's done! I'll finish applying the Asphalt Seal Coat before the Sun starts really baking, and do a good's not a day on the Bay, but it'll do.

Fall Back
Fall began this afternoon, and we'll have the heat all week. There's still "Indian Summer" due for the Bay Area, though it hasn't seemed as reliable these past few years. I saw on tonight's Local News about a new fire in NorCal that was started by Spontaneous Combustion! The News Reader didn't give the ignition specifics, but I thought: "It's sure hot enough for a heap of oily rags to cause trouble"

Southern California has some new fires today too, with the 100F temps, single digit humidity, and the Santa Ana Winds to make them volatile. The State can't seem to get a break. The NWS says another three days of this, anyway. Red Flag Warnings continue.

I just read tonight's Forecast Discussion, they say a week of Summer Weather at least, with freshening Northerlies. The Coast is getting drizzle in the AM, and not much burn-off, so afternoon temps are Summary 60's.

According to the Discussion, their model runs have them looking for a "Strong System"to come to Far Northern California about a week out, that may bring a "Pattern Change"...we'll see.

I can't make an educated assessment of the Monterey NWS product. I've only just started paying attention to their Non-Marine Forecasts. Based on the past few seasons of Marine Forecasts, I'm going with the High-Sodium Diet. I haven't been impressed over the past couple of years...Always with more wind than they call for, except whe it's so hot and still on the Bay that I'd kill for a cooling breeze...

Tough crowd...

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