Saturday, September 19, 2009


What a nice way to wake up! In my own messy bed, surrounded by the chaos that is the DaveCave!

It's a cool overcast morning here in Truckee, and it's cool out at Stead Field too, according to the Streaming Audio from the Reno Air Races.

I just listened to the Unlimited Bronze Heat 3C. The race featured a P-40 Warhawk (better known as a Flying Tiger by non-aviation buffs)

I'll be there in person this afternoon for the Unlimited Heats, once I get the camera and camcorder batteries charged, and make a COSTCO run. Air Race Announcers are reminding the crowd that the afternoon winds will be 15-25 knots, so tie down all potential airborne items. It's gonna be a Sunburn Day out there, with the high cloud cover and some exposed skin cooling wind.

A quick scan of the last two NWS-Reno Forecast Discussions shows a trough moving through today. The high clouds are associated with the trough and by sundown the wind will have turned Northerly...perfect for heating California up going into Fall. This bears out the Heatwave forecasts that I've been hearing the last few days. This explains the Lake Wind Advisories. I checked some Local Mountaintop Stations and the winds are 42mph from the WSW atop Slide Mountain.

I'm outta here...Keep 'Em Flying!

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