Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Time It's Personal

Well Fire Season is in full swing around the West...and it got personal on July 29th when the 'Dance Fire' in the Six Rivers National Forest ignited around 5PM.

Sister Sweetly and the distaff half of the Siskiyou County Wing of the Family rolled into the Ancestral Digs on Sunday the 28th for some good ol' Family Togetherness. We got the whole Family Dinner Thing together for Monday night, and had a grand old time catching up!

Sometime after Mom went to bed, Mrs. Wing gets the call from her hubby...there's a fire in the neighborhood and we're being evacuated...

Sister Sweetly and the distaff half of the Siskiyou County Wing of the Family blew out of town around 0630 the next morning...

Mrs. Wing dropped Sister Sweetly off at her coastal hamlet and snuck into her place before dark. Nature played nice and the 'Dance Fire' spared the Siskiyou County Wing's little slice of Paradise, and the Evacuation order was lifted at 6PM Wednesday evening.

Things settled down just in time for another wildfire in their neighborhood, the 'Butler Fire' to spark up around 10PM on Wednesday the 31st and the whole thing morphed into the 'Orleans Complex''s still active nineteen days and 15,466 acres later!

The Siskiyou County Wing are fine and safe...all the drama is 10 miles away now, and heading away.

Today I noticed another wildfire, that's much bigger and much more troubling...the 'Beaver Creek Fire' has been burning since lightning sparked it off on August 7th. It's up to almost 93,000 acres...and displaying 'extreme fire behavior'

From InciWeb: "Beaver Creek Fire is burning around the footprint of the 2007 Castle Rock fire and threatening the towns of Ketchum/Sun Valley and Hailey. Resources at risk include ski areas, homes, power transmission lines, Highway 75 and scenic recreational trails and camp grounds."

Last I heard, 1300 homes and vacation palaces are under evacuation orders.

Closer to home, the 'American Fire' burning near Foresthill on the Tahoe National Forest will continue to smoke out Truckee and the Tahoe Basin this week...

It's too early for this much fire...use your heads, be fire safe, please!

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