Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tough Duty

Not a great Saturday for Bay Area baseball fans...the Oakland A's lost to the Detroit Tigers, and my San Francisco Giants lost to the Cincinnati Reds. There was barely a half an hour between the end of the Giants' game and the beginning of the Japanese Grand Prix.

A very enjoyable race with Championship implications.

It's also when I first noticed I was getting a runny nose and a bit of a scratchy throat.

Wow! I watched the America's Cup racing's wildly exciting compared to the staid old days of the 12 meter boats, khakis and captain's caps. Today's America's Cup sailors wear helmets...for good reason.

Looks like I'll be laying about all day makin' sure I get plenty of fluids...there's the two baseball games and the America's Cup Finale is on NBC from 1:30-3PM LIVE

Me? I feel a nap coming on...

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