Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hey thanks everyone for sticking around while I ditched CorduroyPlanet for more than a whole month!

Yes, I had planned a week at the lake…Jackson Meadows Reservoir to be precise, but Life happened and I forgot my fishing license back at the Digs, so I couldn’t even toss the crawdad traps into Donner Lake!

I’d shut down the broadband at the DaveCave back in May, so I had to drive downtown to the Truckee Library to access the internet. A nice robust connection…but not a Secure connection. Discretion being the better part of valor, I did no online banking, no online shopping, and no blogging. Forgive my sloth. Thank you all for your forgiveness.

I spent a week with a pesky head cold before I rallied and got the pickup back on the road!

I drove the pickup over Donner Summit and across the Big Valley in 99°F heat on July 31st. I’d planned to cross the valley early but fate had other plans for me. When my alarm woke me up at 0600, I turned on the Trainwreck News only to see a rollover accident with fatalities gridlock westbound Interstate 80 on the Yolo Causeway. I didn’t leave Truckee until the miles long parking lot got moving around 10AM

So just where has TruckeeDave been for the last month? Well…far be it from me to blow smoke up your skirts gentle readers…I’ve been slacking. I fell out of the habit of scribbling out a blog  every night before bed. Once I returned to the Ancestral Digs and jacked back in, I fell prey to the multitude of distractions that is the World Wide Web…

Twitter, politics, and San Francisco Giants baseball.

Speaking of Giants’ Baseball…there’s no joy in Mudville this week. I’ll address the Melky Cabrera MLB Drug Policy violation and suspension later this week.

So I am back in the saddle, thanks again for reading CorduroyPlanet!

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