Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weird With a Beard

San Francisco is busy as a bee this week...

The Hanger1 blimp has been in town for a couple of weeks now providing gorgeous beauty shots for the Giants broadcasts. Thursday afternoon they had great footage of the Team Oracle USA AC45 catamarans zipping across the Bay. There's plenty for them to keep a camera on this weekend, even with the Giants on the road. 

The United States Open Golf Tournament is in town for the weekend at the Olympic Club.

The San Francisco Giants just finished a six game home stand that featured Matt Cain's Perfect Game.

Team Oracle USA, defending America's Cup Champions are sailing their 45 ft AC45 racers on the Bay and treating local luminaries to an afternoon on the water. Giants manager Bruce Bochy went for a sail with skipper Russel Coutts the morning of Cain's perfecto.

The 12 story tall Wingsails for Team Oracle's AC72 America's Cup racers arrived in San Francisco this week. The Team Oracle USA's AC72s will be testing on San Francisco Bay beginning this August...that's gonna be some spectacle! These boats are predicted to go 46 knots...that's 52.9mph in new money.

OK here's where it gets weird...Today's celebrity guest on the Oracle AC45?

90s Pop/Rap Megastar, MC Hammer (He of the infamous parachute pants) "U Can't Touch This"

Not to take anything away from's just that I've always associated him with Oakland, not The City. For all the talk about progressive/liberal San Francisco, when it comes to Oakland, The City clings to it's chauvinism, and has at least since Gertrude Stein quipped of Oakland: "There's no there, there"

This season the halibut are taking their own sweet time to migrate into San Francisco Bay, so halibut fishing season should be in full swing when the big catamarans come out to play!

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  1. That's "Bump City" to all you Hammer Heads