Friday, June 1, 2012


I'm's still almost 80°F in here at 1:23AM...

It's not like I didn't plan for this...I planned my day with the afternoon heating in mind.

In the last couple of days, I stumbled upon a great, new-to-me Food Blog, The Bitten Word. Therein I found a great looking recipe for a Beet, Rhubarb, and Orange Salad.

The new produce store downtown has these gorgeous Golden Beets, as well as the regular Detroit Improved classic red ones. Rhubarb is at the peak of the season, so hell yeah...I'm in.

So the beets are roasted in a 400°F oven for an hour...the perfect recipe to heat the kitchen and most of the rest of the I was preheating the oven at 10:30AM, and the beets were cooling by noon...I even poached the rhubarb early...the first time...oops, 30 seconds too long on the rhubarb,so it turned to mush instead of the desired "crisp tender"

Anyway, I picked up another pound of rhubarb and poached it to perfection, in time for everything to cool enough to cache in the reefer until dinnertime.

The salad was a hit, though six servings must be as the entree...I've got enough for dinner for four again tomorrow. (This time I'll remember the feta, so it'll be like it's not even leftovers!) Now that I think about it, I shoulda taken some pictures...This salad is nothing if not colorful!

Thursday Night Roundup:
The Giants had the day off...their first in 20 days!

I found out that you can watch the whole Indy500 online! It's the best 500  in a long time, and runs about 2 hours 45 minutes. Turbos are back, baby!

The forecast says Friday will be hot before the pattern turns cool over the weekend...there's even a chance of rain for Reno this weekend.

Wow, the Pacific Battleship Center posted a link to my USS Iowa Tow Video Blog, and more than 600 people visited CorduroyPlanet. Thank you all!

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Thanks again everyone!


  1. Okay's time to update your Ancestral Digs with some natural flow air conditioning. A sweet little "energy efficient" window conditioner in the appropriate location, with fans to suck the cool into other rooms, will do the job.

    Remember, to use caulking as your main weapon.

    Might want to upgrade the window systems also.

    It's a CAN DO job for someone with your expertise and may also be a tax write off.

    82 degrees on the eastside today followed by predicted rain. May go Morrell hunting.

  2. Bye the bye, did you see the U-tube vid of the glacier sluff off of Argentina? Too close for my comfort.