Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Month Of May

May is many things to me. Ski season is definitely over, spring is really here, and my niche sports really put it in gear.

Bicycle racing begins the Grand Tour Season with the Giro d’Italia on May 5th.

AMGEN's Tour of California kicks off May 13th, and comes through the Inland Valley May 15th.

Formula One returns to Europe in May. Teams are testing at Tuscany's Mugello this week, and the racing starts in Catalunya, Spain May 13th.

IndyCar spends the entire month of May at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway preparing for the Indy 500 on Memorial Day Weekend.

May is Mount Everest month. Several hundred climbers will summit the World's Tallest before the monsoons come.

Major League Baseball settles into it's summertime groove this month. I'm liking what I see from my San Francisco Giants. There's a few anniversaries in Giants history this year. The Giants went to the World Series for the first time as the San Francisco Giants 50 years ago. They lost to the New York Yankees.

Time for me to duck outta here, I'm LIVE streaming Peter Windsor's "The Flying Lap" today at 11AM PDT Guests include Pirelli Tire's Director of Motorsport, Paul Hembery to talk testing from Mugello.

This season is shaping up to be a total geek-out for me. Formula One really has stepped up it's Social Media Outreach. I spent much of my morning following F1 testing on Twitter. Brilliant "spy photos" of all the teams latest developments, from pit lane. Most teams are still working on their exhaust exits and how the exhaust gasses help produce rear downforce. Teams haven't forgotten the front of the cars either, many new front wing refinements are on track at Mugello.

Did I mention May is Monaco Grand Prix month? F1 on the streets of Monte Carlo and the Indy 500 both run on May 27th.

Gentlemen, Start...Your...Engines!

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  1. Into there such a word as "Into"?

    Me thinks you should copyright the "geekgasm" wordish. A word that really doesn't qualify as a noun, adverb, gerund, adjective. One that is descriptive in a blip or less.

    Back on the NE 40.