Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Silly Seasons

I'm up early today enjoying the Formula One Finale from Brazil. I'm feeling mixed emotions actually, my favorite racer didn't win, but continued his record setting season...a season like Sebastain Vettel's only comes once in a career. His car betrayed him today, a knackered transmission caused him to back off early, eventually allowing teammate Mark Webber to gain the lead and the win. Still, this season, Vettel stood on the podium 17 times in 19 races, 11 times on the top step. Vettel and his Red Bull Racing Team dominated. The best driver in the best car is an irresistible combination.

In previous seasons this kind of domination would have spelled pure boredom, with the dominant car pulling away at the front of a virtual parade of also-rans. Not so this season! Rule changes and engineering wizardry combined to make this season so exciting...and record breaking. There was so much passing on the track this year! The numbers aren't in from today's race, but overtaking maneuvers numbered almost 1500 in the first 18 races! That's about 80 passes per race...a lot of overtaking for open wheel road racing!

After the checkered flag waved, my Tumblr exploded with F1 fans gushing over the phenomenal season,  and F1 fans moaning that it's 112 days until the next F1 race in Australia on March 18, 2012

A silly story caught my eye before bed. From Geek-Tech site Lifehacker: Behold the DoItYourself Snowmaking Machine! This made me break out in a big old smile. Times may be better than the News would have you believe when folks might shell out $75 to give the front yard a proper Christmasy look! On the other hand, maybe the 9% unemployment rate is giving us a little too much time on our hands...

It seems many people ended up with too much time on their hands over the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend. So many of you fended off the Post-Turkey Coma by reading this blog, my traffic doubled over the four days! Thank You All!

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