Wednesday, October 12, 2011


No rest for the wicked I always say! It's muggy like the Tropics in the Inland Valley today.

Monday I traveled down the hill and across the Big Valley. Try as I might, I couldn't outrun the rain. It was mostly uneventful except for one tipped-over semi truck on the north side of Sacramento. Stop and go traffic for a mile or so...all up, a delay of maybe ten minutes...I didn't suffer...

It was a good thing I traveled Monday, the tipped over trucks on Tuesday burst into flames and closed Westbound Interstate 80 all day! No one was hurt, but CalTrans detoured traffic down Hwy 20...boy I'm glad I missed that! Columbus Day traffic was a piece of cake!

Tuesday SisterK and I escorted Mom to the monthly Church Social...It was partly cloudy, and totally sticky! Miracle of miracles, the HVAC contractor was at the Church in full force...installing a new heating system with air conditioning. It's the first A/C since the church was built in 1917.

Errands, shopping, a tank of gas...and now it's Income Tax time!

Like I rest...

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  1. Income Tax in October?

    It's cold here, although it was kinda warmish the other afternoon when I went out for a bit to do some shopping. Looked to be some late weather activity down south of the border.

    Surf's up!