Friday, September 2, 2011

All Or Nothing

Nothing, that's all I've got tonight. Where did my day go? I woke up around 0330, stayed up until 0530, then slept the morning away until I got up, brewed the French Roast, and got captured by events...

I caught up with some radio podcasts, and kept an eye on breaking news on the Telly...politics mostly.

Politics are off the hook, considering that the next National Elections are more than a year out. I do enjoy some good old fashioned schadenfreude! A lot of Golden Boys (and Golden Girls) are shooting themselves in the feet this week...Hell, I've always said: "Politics is the Ultimate Bloodsport" Comeuppance aside, Pols...keep it in your trousers until after Labor Day!

Oh yeah...I wrote yesterday about digital ephemera. My podcast files, about 6MB of 'em turned into long lost memories overnight, so I spent a couple of hours restoring my iTunes Accounts...

There go those computers again...making things easy for me again...

That's why I've got nothin'

Good Night


  1. Ah, backup...we were going through our files (paper) at work and reorganizing all seven cabinets of them after the move when we discovered info contained on a "stiffy" you know those square A drive floppies? Well, much to our chagrin, there wasn't an A drive to be found anywhere in the Federal building.

    So much for information retention. And, I'm talking Archaeology.

    I think we should go back to cotton rag paper. Last for centuries. While CD's and DVD's and whatever only have a life span of a decade or so under the best protection. Maybe the SD and thumbdrive tech is better?

  2. There's wisdom in paper BB. Neither of my computers have a floppy drive. I'm still finding 5 1/2" floppies at the Ancestral Digs!

    One good Earth Directed Coronal Mass Ejection, and all that digital data will be more ones and zeros.
    A cosmic ray flies through a chip and *bing* file corrupted...a one turns into a zero...bad data.

    As you say, tech is outrunning the stored data. Geeks are all advocating "The Cloud"...umm, truth in advertizing? The Cloud is just millions of servers around the world. Those concerned with privacy are correct to be skeptical and concerned.