Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Late Report

Late Report are the words everyone at my Online Fishing Club uses when they post a fishing report on the club's forums when it's not posted on the day of the fishing trip.

Here on CorduroyPlanet, this time, it means I'm two days late posting Sunday's blog.

First the Late Report: SF Bay Halibut
We launched the FV SturgeUrge at Richmond a little more than an hour before the top of the tide.

First drift near the Platform on Southampton Shoals.

Bait, frozen anchovy

26 in halibut on the first bait of the day! Fish in the box within 10 minutes! High fives, didn't think to snap any pictures.

That was it for the day.

We were mostly by ourselves all morning, we guessed everyone was after salmon at Duxbury Reef, of the Marin Coast.

It turned into one gorgeous afternoon once the gray burned off.

We met fellow CoastsideFishingClub.com member Blue Dolphin at the ramp, they had one Dux salmon and said the jellies weren't a problem.

Note: With a little embellishment here, that's the report I posted on Coastside. We have a paywall to protect the Fishing Report Forums. The dues the members contribute go to the club's ongoing fight to protect fisheries and fishing access...alas, Sportsfishermen rank right down with tobacco smokers in California these days, so these fights eventually take place in front of a judge...

Monday's trip was the capper to a very satisfying three weeks in July. Dog Days baseball is so much sweeter when your team are defending World Series Champions,  are selling out every home game, avoided their traditional "June Swoon", are playing their highly entertaining "Torture" style of ball, and are leading the division. They're a joy to watch.

The first three weeks of July featured the 98th Tour de France, full of drama, unexpected heroes, too many first week crashes, and in it's last four days...fireworks and grit in the Alps before the first Australian ever donned the final maillot jaune and stood atop the podium in Paris. Good on ya, Cadel Evans!

My weekend featured a dash up and down the hill. Two roughly four hour drives in 27 hours, and I was totally whipped!

It's curious...I do 9-10 hours a night 4-5 nights a week in my BR350 all winter, and never feel as tired as I did after running up the hill Friday and back down Saturday. Heck, I even slept in my own bed between trips!

You know what it is? There are no motorists out on My mountain...rocks and trees never change lanes without looking. Make your highway forays on Friday and Saturday and the white knuckle factor rises even more. CalTrans summer road construction turns up the volume another notch, so I understand my fatigue.

Today, I can say: "It's a Good Tired"


  1. The North Coast is having phenomenal fishing! Halibut and King Salmon are leaping into everyone's FV. And the size of them all.

    If I wasn't trompiing in the hills of EO, that would be my choice of fishing grounds.

  2. Reports are starting to trickle in from the Marin Coast.

    Kings are starting to bite at Duxbury...a 38lb hog caught mid-week...lots of blue whales gorging on krill at the islands and in Monterey Bay, too.

    It looks like we're having a salmon season this year! First time in four seasons!