Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chores 'n More

Not much has me excited today. It's Monday that has my attention. Today is mostly chores aside from a foray to the Farmer's Market.

Top of the To-Do List is to R&R an extra fuel tank for SturgeUrge's boat. I've assembled all the parts, today I strip all the sun-baked fuel hose stuff off the tank and install all the new stuff.

Monday we're going sturgeon fishing on San Pablo Bay. The sturgeon have been "stacked up like cordwood" say reports. There was even a front page story in the Local Fishwrap last week, titled "Enormous Sturgeon Crowding Into San Pablo Bay"

Searching for that story I looked at Wednesday's Fishing Report:  
SAN PABLO BAY: Sturgeon fishing hasn't slowed. One angler caught and released nine sturgeon Wednesday at the Shellbank. Go anywhere north of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge and stay away from the other boats. A few stripers are around. Halibut aren't around during the minus tides.

This guy gets into his fishing! Photo courtesy of Contra Costa Times

Along with the fuel tank project, I have to gather some intel about a new (to us) boat ramp. June is the month of big and minus tides. We need to know if our desired new ramp is usable during very low tides. Last year about this time we spent all morning doing a boat ramp tour instead of fishing, and given these ridiculously high gas prices we don't want to drive from one side of the Bay to the other and back only to view a string of mud-bound boat ramps.

Even with a boat in tow, a big SUV gets ten times better gas mileage that boats do...we don't want to keep those "Enormous Sturgeon" waiting! Sturgeon are the only "Big Game" fish within range of the FV SturgeUrge, and we want to catch and release a few of those big ones!

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