Friday, June 24, 2011

All the News That's Fit to Endure

Thursday's USA Today had a quick story on the season's record snowfall and the ski resorts that will be open for the Independence Day Weekend.

From the USA Today story:
"In Lake Tahoe, Calif., a region that actually saw a slight decrease in overall skier visits because of frequent storms and road closures, Squaw Valley, Sugar Bowl and Alpine Meadows resorts will all be operating over the holiday weekend."

I don't remember any of the Big Holiday Weekends being totally blown out by weather, but with all the storms, my memories sorta run all together now. I'm thinking that when there was weather for a big weekend, chain controls hit at one end or the other of the weekend and cost us one of three big days.

The mid-week uptick in skier visits held steady, if not rose a little more. I've been surprised each season since the economy shock of 2008 by the rising numbers during the week.

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