Sunday, May 15, 2011

Midnight in the Garden of Winter

Greetings from the DaveCave! BajaBabe and I navigated the great Wide Open, and arrived in Truckee well before sundown. We raced the storm front across the Big Valley and up the Western Slope under pewter gray skies trying to catch the sunshine that I viewed on the I-80 webcams minutes before our luck luck in Truckee. The sun was obscured by the cloud band that's leading the latest blast of winter our way.

At the DaveCave, I looked east at the Carson Range where the sun was shining. From the west, a cold blustery wind chilled us to the was about 3:30PM Intel on the AMGEN was totally MIA. We tuned in the 6 O'Clock News and they were just rehashing old news...nothing concrete in the way of new news will come until Sunday morning.

Obsessively scanning the Reno and Sacramento AFD's encouraged me because the snow totals forecast by the usually widely divergent offices were in agreement on accumulation, and the afternoon forecast promised 30% less than the previous call.Still no less obsessed, I clicked from webcam to webcam and weather site to weather site trying to draw a bead on the onrushing disturbance...7PM...8PM...9PM where is it?

About 11PM I headed out the front door and upstairs to grab my digicam out of the car...I was barefoot and it finally was seemed too warm, the wind from earlier in the evening had abated.
11PM on the street

So far it wasn't stacking fact you really had to squint to see the snow falling. We had a late dinner...globe artichokes and fresh baked sourdough.

This morning there's a couple of inches on the front deck and the AMGEN's Stage 1 has been shortened and postponed to cope with the return of Winter. Moved up to 1:15PM PDT from 10:30AM, the stage will forgo a lap around Lake Tahoe and finish "on time" at Northstar a scheduled. LIVE TV coverage on VersusTV begins at 2PM PDT

Monday's Stage looks safe weather-wise, but Monday night another pulse of winter is on tap!

BajaBabe's making lamb shanks today while we stay in and veg out on Giants baseball, motorsports and the bike race.

Tomorrow Stage 2 atop Donner Pass woohoo!

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