Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And So It Begins Again

OK, I've got a four day weekend this week. Then three shifts and that's it for the 2010/2011 season.

I've decided to play with fire, in that I'm not trying to stay up this weekend...instead I'm thinking I'll get a jump on resetting my BodyClock...and pay the price on my first shift back.

I have a grab bag of thoughts on the past few days and nights.

The wind Monday was was snowing up top. I ran into long-time Donner Summit Legend Norm Saylor at the grocery store and said: "A great day to get off the Summit, eh Norm?" Norm shot back: "This has been a tough one, I don't care if it doesn't snow again until December!"

I was stirring yesterday, and ran into Mrs Landlord on the front deck. She told a story of the previous evening when she came outside to get an armful of firewood. She opened her front door, and there, five feet away was a smallish bear sitting on the deck railing looking for the suet cage! Mrs Landlord couldn't say who was the most startled...little bear bolted across the deck and off into the night. Now the suet comes in at sundown!

It's been a couple of weeks since I heard a cheeseburger bird call...

Closing my 15 year old primary email account and migrating to a new address, notifying all my contacts, and updating myriad website profiles is exhausting...and I'm only about 40% done with the ordeal so far...

Sierra Stream Trout Season opens this's gonna be a blow-out...temps are forecast to rise as the weekend nears...the melt is already in full swing, and the high in Truckee was only in the mid 40's Tuesday afternoon.

Man, am I ever looking forward to doing some Ocean Salmon Fishing!

NASA's Space Shuttle blasts into space Friday's the last one...gonna be bittersweet for sure...

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