Friday, March 25, 2011

Tongue Tired

What am I doing up? Perhaps last night's trouble free shift didn't take enough out of me?

So I woke up at 5PM...the TV was on (I fell asleep watching something on my DVR)...amazingly the tube was showing Regularly Scheduled Programming, not Special Storm-Watch News!

I changed worries, KCRA3 was offering the "Severe Weather First Alert" version of their "KCRA News at Five"...lots of flooded roads, satellite maps, and weather-beaten reporters on remote feeds from the most telegenic locations.

Interstate 80 is closed for zero visibility and reporter waded into the debris field of a slide that landed on the number two lane westbound...I saw some small debris fields on the shoulder on my way home this morning.

I guess I'm just numb...yeah the TV people are reporting that the CHP has closed the Interstate until at least midnight...I'll just talk my way on like I do every time the highway is's a Brothers In Arms deal...fellow Storm Fighters gettin' 'er done...yeah, yeah, SOP, whatever...

I guess, I'm just worn snarky retorts ...or thoughts for that matter...all my crew have become to it over again...and again...

The weatherman says we'll get a break next week...I'll enjoy it when it gets here...meanwhile, call me tongue tied...

I take solace in knowing that Baseball Season begins in earnest in under seven days...put me in coach...

Good night!


  1. It's timez like these that make me want to remember those quotey things. Zero come to mind at the moment.

    Your analogies are splendid! I often feel like a pot roast when confined to restricting places. I am Petey with my head hanging out the back seat window of the crummy (if the window even roll down) just for the taste of freedom itself, fresh air.

    Rain and grey it is indeed. Heard the first "cheezeburger," call of the season.

  2. That old Shop Cat is a CrockPot with tracks!

    The cheeseburger birds are in the neighborhood...they're not "lookin' for love" just yet, though.