Thursday, December 9, 2010

Grooming 101.8

Damn, I sure mismanaged my first 2-day weekend! Consequently, I paid dearly Wednesday morning. I stayed up all night Monday, my first night off. I succumbed to nature Tuesday and slept five hours, when I should have been up and at 'em.

Aside from great Night Vision, the groomer's most important tool is his Short Term Memory. STM only works well in fully rested brains. Get too little sleep, and the first thing to go is the Short Term Memory.

Tuesday I screwed-up my carefully cultivated sleep cycle...and fortunately Jeweler caught my missed last pass right down the middle of the Easiest Way Down off my mountain's tallest peak.

Efficient groomers save a "last pass" for their way off each mountain...I always say: "If you're grooming corduroy, you're not that sliver for your traveling pass, and put new corduroy everywhere you can".

On the hill, "Proper Prior Planning" on the fly, combined with a well rested STM, equals good production. It's Bedtime.

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