Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Diggin' It

It seemed like old times last night. I actually only made five pure corduroy shift...period.

I wasn't slacking, I was digging. All night I pushed and plowed, making room for ski tips at the bottom terminals, and making top ramps longer and steep enough to propel our guests away from the ramps to ease crowding.

The snowfall had eased enough for chain controls to end, and for resorts to catch up. We ran an extra shift and groomed a bunch in anticipation of decent weather and crowds. Mother Nature played nice and we enjoyed a Bluebird morning (though the overnight cloud cover made the Total Lunar Eclipse an inferred event, rather than a directly enjoyed celestial spectacle)

It's the little things really, that make my job so special. This morning it was putting on my Ray-Bans for the first time in what seems like weeks! The simple joy of needing sunglasses made missing the night's sky show the farthest thing from my heart.


  1. Grey, grey, grey....yes it does get to wearing one down, doesn't it? Yep, it was overcast here as well...maybe we should have worn apricot scarves?

  2. I must be worn down...I don't get the apricot scarves reference...d'oh!