Saturday, November 13, 2010

OK, Who Forgot to Knock on Wood?

The fans are deployed, power and water lines in place, and the crews are hired and ready.

Cue Mother Nature!

Alas, there's been nothing but the sound of crickets these past two nights.

Way back on Tuesday morning, the Sun shone brightly on a fresh blanket of snow across the Basin's Ski Resorts. Temperatures in the wake of the cold front favored around-the-clock snowmaking, setting hearts in Resort Marketing Departments aflutter.

By Tuesday afternoon, those fluttering hearts became a Reno Newspaper Story announced by a Tweet.

Snowmaking ran overnight Wednesday, then the mercury climbed out of range and the waiting began.

Fast Forward to Friday night/Saturday morning, and temps for snowmaking are still MIA.

My lightning tour of the webcams and PWS's showed the story...close, but no cigar...oh, and toss in some freshening Easterly Winds and it's not a pretty picture.

Reno's AFD spent some time discussing the winds before promising cloud cover and inversions for later in the week. I guess the fluttering has been replaced by the Maalox Moment.

Thanksgiving is twelve days out...Bay Area WeatherCasters are saying the next chance of rain will be next weekend.

At the Ancestral Digs, I've been enjoying my Dungeness Crab Diet while planning the Ancestral Digs Thanksgiving.

After the last of the pumpkin pie and turkey sandwiches are gone...I'll start waiting and anticipating with all the other groomers.

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