Thursday, November 25, 2010

Help! I've been up all night, and I can stop vibrating!

First shift back on the hill was a success!

I'm gonna take a few days off until my broadband is hooked up at the DaveCave Tuesday...I'm not comfortable blogging on a poached WiFi hotspot!

My Wednesday PM/Thursday AM in capsule form...

2:50 drive takes 5:30
I managed 3 hrs of sleep
jumped in my ol' driver's tiller
Spotlight handle broken
Mirrors caked with man-made snow...heater/actuator connectors unplugged and iced up beyond half a thermos of hot coffee's ability to remedy
Driver's side wiper arm broken
No AM reception on tractor's stereo
11+ hrs behind the sticks...I'm still vibrating
Will listen to the Who's "Maryanne with the shaky hand" when I get up to do it again (the grooming part...I didn't even drive a half mile to the market after work)

Happy Thanksgiving! and...Thanks for you patience.


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