Friday, September 17, 2010

Winter Winging Her Way Back

Monday over The Valley of Speed
I'm back home at the DaveCave, just an hour by car from Stead Field, and the 47th Reno National Championship Air Races.

I'm going out to the Air Races for my 19th year of the last 21 years. Why do I go back over and over again?

Two Reasons
The year in, year out visits...always in the 3rd week of September has become an important waypoint on my annual journey from daytime craftsman/sportsman to Graveyard Guru. It's at Stead every September that I first see the definite signs of the approaching Fall and Winter. I see the Autumnal Light for the first time out in the sagebrush hills around the Unlimited Race Course to the North of Stead Field's runways. When I see the new light for the season, I begin my internal transformation into a Groomin' Human...I begin to steel myself into the Daytime Sleepin', Snowcat Drivin', Long Hours Workin', Storm Fightin', Corduroy Makin', Graveyard Guru. A decade or more ago, one of the  Rookies I was training called me Yoda over the 2-Way, and your Graveyard Guru was born.

Reason two?
I go to hear "The Sound of Freedom"

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