Thursday, September 9, 2010

Raining All Over

Well...technically not all over...widely scattered is more to the point. There is some rain in the North State. Wednesday evening I heard from Chico Dupre: "Storm burst! The real deal in Chico just now. A true deluge of biblical proportions introduced by an enormous thunderclap. Un-freaking believable."

Sister Sweetly called out her rain and wind in Humboldt County. KCRA3's 11 O'clock News talked about the rain in the Big Valley and over the Foothills and the Sierra.

Here in the Inland Valley, it seemed like it wanted to start raining any minute...all day long.

Reno's ABC Afilliate, KOLO8 streams their 11 O'clock News, and they were talking about the cold, blustery conditions. I tuned in too late to hear their weathercast, so I didn't actually gaze upon their radar images.

Reno's AFD calls a snow level of 7500ft, but adds there's not enough moisture to make actual precipitation once the temps drop after the front passes.

I looked at the webcams just before sundown. Lots of clouds and fog, but no actual rain or snow.

They say that's all for a while. Good!

I hope it doesn't snow at the Reno Air Races next week! I've been going since 1982, and I've only seen it snow once...flurries really, it was freakin' cold that year...the approaching squall line actually pushed events ahead of schedule! That was the only time I've ever seen the events run ahead of schedule!

SturgeUrge and I talked about getting a Trout Fishing Trip in, combined with the Air Races. Could be epic...will be fun. Weather permitting...

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