Sunday, August 1, 2010

Random Thoughts Again

It's almost "The Dog Days of Summer" on the calendar, but the diffusion of thought has already arrived in my head. Nobody is in the driver's seat of late. All I've got are snippets...random snippets.

Gee, it seems like Reno has been having a rash of fires since the Red Flag Warnings first went up last week. It's not what you'd think...these are structure fires, not wildland fires sparked by dry, both occupied and empty (read abandoned), apartment fires, the Bio-Diesel fire, motel rooms burned, and travel trailers went up in smoke.

It seems like a lot to this observer, though I must admit that I usually don't pay attention to municipal fire calls, unless they're in Truckee or near the Ancestral Digs.

I see the Red Flag Warnings are up again on the Eastern side of the High Sierra...Hwy 395 corridor from Susanville South to Carson City. Reno's AFD cites the winds, temps, and low humidity, not lightning.

Perhaps my diffusion is a product of sleep deprivation combined with the void left by the absence of Le Tour de France. I set my alarm for 0500 this morning to watch Formula One Qualifying LIVE from Budapest. I watched for about 35 minutes until I fell back to sleep. I woke up again at 0830...just a little late to catch the yellowjackets still snoozing in their underground lair...I blasted the nest with half a can of Black Flag Wasp&Hornet Killer before the yellowjackets began arriving from their morning stings again...but there's still those annoying loose ends. Next up, I'll give 'em another blast before I hit the sack tonight...they should all be in the nest after midnight!

What a satisfying ballgame!

The San Francisco Giants hosted the Los Angeles Dodgers, and played a close game at AT&T Park today. It was another in the century-long blood feud between the two teams.

Today's game had the atmosphere of a Playoff Game. There was high drama in front of a sellout crowd, three Giants batters were hit by pitches, and with the Giants trailing 1-0 in the 8th inning, Giants' left fielder Pat Burrell blasted a two run homer into the bleachers to give the Giants a 2-1 lead that they held for the win. The crowd went wild, and they even lingered after the game to celebrate the victory over the arch-rival Dodgers. For Pat Burrell, who grew up in the Bay Area and rooted for the Giants as a kid, it must have been a dream come true.

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