Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crow For Dessert

9PM Saturday
We have family in town little sister K and her husband DW are in town for the weekend. I made K's favorite chicken dish, that became a family favorite after I moved out and started my own life. "Chicken Thing" was a recipe that my cousin's 3rd Grade Teacher made famous in the neighborhood. Chicken dredged in flour and browned and simmered in Dry Marsala with mushrooms, onions and a passel of herbs, served over a rice pilaf.

After dinner, we hurried back into the family room to watch the end of the Giant's/Arizona Diamondbacks game. While dinner was cooking, we watched in horror as a line drive foul ball found it's way into the Giants' dugout, hitting Eugenio Velez in the head. Frustrated that we weren't getting any news once Velez was stretchered away to the hospital, and when there was news, I was busy with dinner preparations and missed the latest update... I grabbed my iPod Touch and fired up Twitter to catch the latest.

That's when I saw @RGJ tweet: "Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued" After the game, I headed for the internet and found the news..."Lightning Strikes Lead to Numerous Brush fires"

So, I'm Eating Crow for dessert instead of my Peach much for my "Low Fuel Moisture" opinion.

Fires near Verdi, Boomtown, Silver Springs, and a 25 acre fire near Hallelujah Junction round out the Reno Area fires. To the South, near Bridgeport, 350 acres are burning away from town. To the North, 200 acres and two structures burned in Lassen County. A busy night ahead for the Sierra Front Firefighters.

I looked at my Twitter feed again, and there's good news from Phoenix! SF Giants' utility player, Eugenio Velez' CT scan was negative, he's in good condition with a concussion, and will spend the night in the hospital for observation. Good news indeed.

Next, I reviewed the latest AFD from Reno's NWS Office, and we're in for another bumpy night Sunday evening...their Red Flag Watch has been upgraded to a Warning, and they discussed Dry Lightning and gusty winds associated with the thunderstorms. My crow is looking well done.

Saturday 11:05PM
The 11O'clock News from Reno's KKOH 780AM said the fire near Verdi was 10 acres. The KCRA3 TV News had webcam video of the thunderstorms forming over Lake Tahoe and scudding north towards Verdi, Red Rock, and Hallelujah Junction.

KCRA cut from the video to their Weekend WeatherDude, who cited Sunday and Monday's Red Flag Warnings. I'm getting tired of Crow already...

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