Friday, June 25, 2010

Suspicious Weather Ahead

The weather took a change today. It's been so hot in the Inland Valley that yesterday I moved a market umbrella into the Diggins to give me a longer window to work in.

Today, the marine layer held on all day, and the temps didn't get out of the high 50's. On top of that, the winds were blustering most of the day...not good for Friday's Tomales Bay Crab and Halibut Hunt with SturgeUrge.

When I had a spare minute, I checked the Marine Forecast. Friday's weather is doable...better than today in fact. Just the same, I looked at Reno's AFD to see if this was their "Baggy Trough" Not a word, though the cooling will be short-lived. A strong ridge will build in by Tuesday, warming things back up to normal.

I get the feeling that we're gonna go back and and mild all Summer.

I think I'll sneak in some fall/winter-type veggies in the Ancestral Diggins.

Damn right...I am tempting the Fates!

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